Strawberry Milk – Not A Recipe

Strawberry Milk – Not A Recipe

There’s this awkward time between 5:30 and 6 pm when I sometimes find myself wanting a snack. It happens a few hours after my usual afternoon snack, and uncomfortably close to dinner time. It’s too late to eat much without ruining your appetite, but still too far away from meal time to ignore completely. That’s the time when I usually make this strawberry milk.

At some point while searching for a not-quite-snack, probably after a run, I thought of chocolate milk. It’s ubiquitous at running events, as a good way to recover after finishing a race and before going out to eat. But I don’t much like chocolate milk. Strawberry was always my milk flavor of choice. You know, from back in elementary school, when things like your choice of flavored milk were still relevant.

strawberry milk

When strawberries are in season I just throw some a half cup of fresh strawberries in the blender with two cups of milk (I use almond milk because it lasts longer in the fridge), and a few cubes of ice. Or you can use a cup of frozen strawberries and a dried pitted date (or other sweetener of choice) blended with the milk. Drink it immediately, slurping up every last drop.

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