Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

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The Thanksgiving meal may be over but arguably the most important Thanksgiving dish is only getting started – the turkey-and-leftovers-sandwich. It’s as much a part of the holiday as the meal itself and come the next morning it’s what most people are looking for when it’s time to make lunch, or even midnight snack.

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There’s really nothing wrong with the sandwich tradition but since I’ve thought about this a lot, I wanted to share a little about sandwich construction. I’m one of those people who gets really annoyed when my sandwich fillings leak out the sides. When I’m making my own I do everything I can to keep it together. But if you prefer a messy delicious experience by all means just enjoy the pictures and ignore the rest.

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The only non-Thanksgiving table ingredient you really need for these sandwiches is bread and mayo which helps to perk up the leftover foods. I’m also a fan of mixing the cranberry sauce with the mayo to help spread out the cranberry flavor but that’s not vital to construction. The important thing is to think about how sturdy your ingredients are. Chopped vegetable dishes like green bean casserole are not going to stay together well when you take a bite of your sandwich. But slices of turkey, creamy dishes, and mashed potatoes are left likely to fall out. Alternating structured with unstructured ingredients keeps it together and also makes the texture more interesting.

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And about that stuffing. Let’s consider stuffing to be the third piece of bread in your sandwich an extra piece of bread will make the sandwich a little more stable and a little more impressive, always a plus. Stuffing is already part bread and spacing it away from the ends of the sandwich means it won’t get lost in the shuffle. Unless of course you, like me, don’t really love stuffing in your sandwich. Then you can just save it for someone who does.

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