Buttered turnips (8 of 8)

Turnips with Poppyseeds

A few months ago we had two good friends over for dinner and they brought some produce to share. Fruit, sturdy greens, and a bag of turnips. I was stumped looking at the white and purple globes. “What do you normally do with them?,” I asked. I mean, given enough time, cream, and bacon I…

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Lamb and Apricot Stew

‘Read the recipe twice’ is an often-repeated bit of wisdom that gets passed around in cook books and magazines and I’ve been known to say it myself to people. And it’s good advice; you should read the recipe twice to make sure you actually have the some semblance of the ingredients and know what you’ll…

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Hashed Turnips

Turnips get a pretty bad rap. They aren’t alone in the category of “maligned vegetables;” we can’t forget Brussels sprouts*, spinach, and beets (and probably others). But over the years I have learned to love pretty much every vegetable – except turnips. That’s not to say I’ve ever really disliked turnips. It’s just that between…

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