Huevos Rancheros (1 of 6)

Huevos Rancheros

The same weekend that I spent making quiche for a large group, my friend Jesse was in charge of the second day of breakfast. I obsessively planned, spent an afternoon prepping, and basically hovered over the task of breakfast. Jesse arrived with several bags of ingredients and a basic plan: breakfast would be huevos rancheros….

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Roast Beef Salad (5 of 8)

Roast Beef Salad

On Friday night we sat on the living room floor and played video games. We left the dishes unwashed and the laundry unfolded. We didn’t tidy up. Instead we rummaged through a box of random cords and wires to find the game controller that would let us play Super Mario Bros 3. Several hours were…

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Puttanesca Sauce

When it comes to comforting meals, a bowl of pasta hits pretty high up on the list. But I’ve realized that the real joy is not the noodles – unless they’re homemade in which case, stand back – it’s the sauce. I will eat good homemade pasta sauce with a spoon. And by “good” and…

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Tomato Soup

A few years ago the Internet went a little crazy for Marcella Hazan’s three-ingredient tomato sauce. The praise was not undeserved – it’s a pretty impressive recipe given that there are fewer than five ingredients and all of them come from your typical grocery store. I, too, fell hard for the combination of tomatoes, butter,…

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Romesco Sauce

One of the first things people say when coming to my house for the first time is, “wow, you have a lot of cookbooks.” Which is absolutely true. My apartment has two bookcases and three shelves are dedicated to cookbooks. Maybe four of them belong to my roommate. Jeff and I get a lot of…

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