Quiche (10 of 10)


When you’re asked to make brunch for a crowd, obviously what you need is something that looks good but that doesn’t require a lot of work early in the morning. Something golden-brown and easy to adapt that doesn’t chain you to the stove while you make it to order. Something that can be made ahead….

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Buffalo Chicken Dip (8 of 8)

Buffalo Chicken Dip

We were supposed to talk about something else today; a follow up with the talk of salad dressing. But things happened, life gets busy, you run out of ingredients. Or, in this case, your team gets into the Super Bowl and then you really need to step up your party offerings.

Blue Cheese Dip (4 of 4)

Blue Cheese Dip

Every year when holiday party season is over it feels like the year was defined by a certain dish. There was the year we served pulled pork at a Hanukah party and the year a friend first introduced us to glug. Some of those things become traditional (like the glug) while others get rotated out…

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Lavender Buttermilk Cake

Recipes provide a great jumping off point for innovation. Perhaps the best example of that is what you can do with an ordinary – or not so ordinary – pound cake. At its core there are some basic ingredients but from there you can build on extra flavors. Without the lavender and buttermilk, this is…

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Lemon Bars

Happy Pi Day! This may be my favorite silly holiday ever and I usually take advantage of it to make something pie-related. But there’s been a lot of pie on this site already. So today, while there is crust and there is filling, it’s not really what you’d call pie. You’ll see. I’ve mentioned before…

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