Bacon Onion Guyere Soup (10 of 10)

Bacon, Onion, and Gruyere Soup

Several months ago I whipped up an amazingly rich and decadent bacon, onion, and gruyere tart from one of my favorite fancy-cooking cookbooks. Sheets of puff pastry topped with a cheese-laced bechamel sauce, crispy lardons of bacon, onions that had turned sweet and melting in the heat. It was gooey and buttery and flakey .The…

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While we’re on the topic of salad, and non-traditional salads at that, let’s talk about larb. Have you had larb yet? Because, besides the unfortunate-sounding English name, it’s totally worth eating, and then eating again. It’s that kind of good.

Sweet-Sour Caramelized Alliums

Onions and shallots are the runner-up of the vegetable world. They’re always there but rarely get to take center stage. The closest it gets in French onion soup and even then the onion flavor competes with the broth. French onion soup is a great dish in itself but it’s time to let alliums take a…

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