Bacon Onion Guyere Soup (10 of 10)

Bacon, Onion, and Gruyere Soup

Several months ago I whipped up an amazingly rich and decadent bacon, onion, and gruyere tart from one of my favorite fancy-cooking cookbooks. Sheets of puff pastry topped with a cheese-laced bechamel sauce, crispy lardons of bacon, onions that had turned sweet and melting in the heat. It was gooey and buttery and flakey .The…

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While we’re on the topic of salad, and non-traditional salads at that, let’s talk about larb. Have you had larb yet? Because, besides the unfortunate-sounding English name, it’s totally worth eating, and then eating again. It’s that kind of good.

Buffalo Chicken Dip (8 of 8)

Buffalo Chicken Dip

We were supposed to talk about something else today; a follow up with the talk of salad dressing. But things happened, life gets busy, you run out of ingredients. Or, in this case, your team gets into the Super Bowl and then you really need to step up your party offerings.

Blue Cheese Dip (4 of 4)

Blue Cheese Dip

Every year when holiday party season is over it feels like the year was defined by a certain dish. There was the year we served pulled pork at a Hanukah party and the year a friend first introduced us to glug. Some of those things become traditional (like the glug) while others get rotated out…

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Scallion Fried Rice

Fried rice belongs in a wonderful category I like to call Refrigerator Glue, my mistaken interpretation of Alton Brown’s term: Refrigerator Velcro. (For years I was convinced his term was actually Refrigerator Glue. By the time I realized my mistake it had been too long and now the term has stuck.) It’s a term for…

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