Chicken Soup With Rice (2 of 2)

Chicken Soup With Rice

My house is littered with tissues. It’s the post-holiday cold season and it seems like everyone is sniffling, getting over a cold or on the verge of getting sick. Forget New Year’s resolutions – we’re all spending the first days of the new year just trying to get healthy and that’s what we’re doing. We’ve…

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Unstuffed Cabbage (5 of 7)

Unstuffed Cabbage

There is something wonderfully comforting about intricately handmade food. Steaming bowls of hand-formed dumplings, bowls of fat homemade tortellini, lemony-bright hand-stuffed grape leaves. The kind of food you only make on holidays or those special occasions when you can spend a whole day in the kitchen painstakingly rolling every piece. And then all the other…

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Scallion Fried Rice

Fried rice belongs in a wonderful category I like to call Refrigerator Glue, my mistaken interpretation of Alton Brown’s term: Refrigerator Velcro. (For years I was convinced his term was actually Refrigerator Glue. By the time I realized my mistake it had been too long and now the term has stuck.) It’s a term for…

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Brown Rice | How To

Ahhh, brown rice. Brown rice is one of those foods that gets a bad rap for being “healthy.” I don’t mean healthy in that whole grains are good for you or that it has a lot of fiber as well as important vitamins minerals that are often stripped from white rice. No, I mean it…

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