Mediterranean Dip (8 of 10)

Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip

This weekend sort of got away from me. We flew to the East Coast for Jeff’s college reunion which meant a red eye flight; perhaps the most effective way to screw up your sleep cycle. Then we spent the next few days wandering around campus in the rain, spending time with friends, dancing. We celebrated,…

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Corned Beef Hash (8 of 11)

Corned Beef Hash

I don’t have much experience with green beer. This despite the fact that my home state of Massachusetts is also home to many Irish-Americans who celebrate their heritage proudly. This inexperience with Irish foods also extends to soda breads, potato and cabbage dishes, and Irish stew. In fact, the only Irish food I really know…

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Tuna Cakes

My dad only had a few recipes when I was growing up. He’s more a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants type cook, making up recipes as he went along. Sometimes they went well, sometimes not, but they were never repeatable. Of his set recipes I only remember a few: tomato and onion salad, chili con carne (Which I hated….

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