Cherry Pie (1 of 4)

Cherry Pie

The only part of my wedding I ever planned beforehand was the dessert. When we got engaged last year I didn’t have a lot of ideas of what the wedding would be like. I didn’t have dreams of what it would look like or what I would wear. The only thing I knew I wanted…

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Vegetable Pot Pie (4 of 6)

Vegetable Pot Pie

When Jeff and I first started dating I was a vegetarian and we were both in college. Separate colleges so our ‘dates’ generally lasted for a whole weekend. We went out to eat a fair amount during those visits but we also cooked together in small and poorly equipped kitchens. It was a lesson in…

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Peach Melba Pie

It’s definitely stone fruit season and I bought a flat of peaches a few weeks ago for the purpose of canning. We ended up with a lot of jars but with 12 pounds of peaches, there were still some left over. One and a half pounds to be exact. Peach pie is a pretty perfect…

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