Cherry Pie (1 of 4)

Cherry Pie

The only part of my wedding I ever planned beforehand was the dessert. When we got engaged last year I didn’t have a lot of ideas of what the wedding would be like. I didn’t have dreams of what it would look like or what I would wear. The only thing I knew I wanted…

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Vegetable Pot Pie (4 of 6)

Vegetable Pot Pie

When Jeff and I first started dating I was a vegetarian and we were both in college. Separate colleges so our ‘dates’ generally lasted for a whole weekend. We went out to eat a fair amount during those visits but we also cooked together in small and poorly equipped kitchens. It was a lesson in…

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Chicken Pot Pie (7 of 8)

Chicken Pot Pie

There is a weird food holiday pretty much every day of the year if you pay attention to those sorts of things. Which, to be honest, I do only about half of the time. There’s a margarita day, a watermelon day, even a day in honor of creamsicles. But, as I believe we established here…

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Quiche (10 of 10)


When you’re asked to make brunch for a crowd, obviously what you need is something that looks good but that doesn’t require a lot of work early in the morning. Something golden-brown and easy to adapt that doesn’t chain you to the stove while you make it to order. Something that can be made ahead….

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Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

There comes a time a few days after Thanksgiving where you have to figure out how to repackage your leftovers in a way to make them more appealing. It’s as much a tradition as the Thanksgiving meal itself but one that people don’t talk about nearly as much. Turkey tetrazzini comes to mind as does…

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Chess Pie

I have a tendency to make unusual word associations, often involving food. Certain words remind me of food and then I have this strange imagery inserted into whatever conversation I’m having. For example, the word “extraordinary” always makes me think of “strawberry.” I’ve found that in conversation, “extraordinary” is often said right before the word…

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