Asparagus Gratinee (4 of 6)

Asparagus Gratinee

Matzah is a well recognized symbol of Passover. That flat oversized cracker that tastes like nothing so much as cardboard. It’s often a little stale, doesn’t digest easily, and in a cruel twist it always seems to appear just as Easter candy hits store shelves. But matzah isn’t the only iconic Passover food. There’s brisket,…

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Honey Mustard Sauce (5 of 6)

Honey Mustard Sauce

The small town I grew up in had a few townie restaurants – one a breakfast and lunch joint and one a pizza place. The pizza place was where sports teams had team dinners, where there were birthday parties, pretty much any low key celebration could be done at this place. And this place was…

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Roast Beef Salad (5 of 8)

Roast Beef Salad

On Friday night we sat on the living room floor and played video games. We left the dishes unwashed and the laundry unfolded. We didn’t tidy up. Instead we rummaged through a box of random cords and wires to find the game controller that would let us play Super Mario Bros 3. Several hours were…

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Caesar Piadina (7 of 10)

Caesar Piadina

The chain restaurant I worked at in high school had a secret menu. It wasn’t like the In-N-Out secret menu which everyone kind of knows about. We didn’t publicize it or even publish it anywhere. But if you wanted an “old” menu item, it was probably still on our point-of-sale software and we could get…

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Pimento Cheese

Everyone likes chip and dip. Don’t try to argue; it’s pretty much a fact. Even the people who are picky about which dip (‘salsa or guac but no sour cream please’). Even the ones who are germ-phobic and worry about cross-contamination in the dip bowl.* Those people are perhaps less excited about the individual chip…

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Tuna Cakes

My dad only had a few recipes when I was growing up. He’s more a fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants type cook, making up recipes as he went along. Sometimes they went well, sometimes not, but they were never repeatable. Of his set recipes I only remember a few: tomato and onion salad, chili con carne (Which I hated….

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Tomato and Corn Salad

Sometimes I need to shake things up. I need to make things differently. I need to fix things that don’t actually need fixing. That’s how I got to this corn and tomato salad. It was inspired by one of my favorite recipes, one I’ve been making since Gourmet published the recipe in August of 2009….

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Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad

I wanted to make you a gratin. More specifically, I wanted to make a sweet potato gratin because having discovered a few years ago how delicious sweet potatoes are in gratin, I wanted to dream up new variation on this. One with chipotle and breadcrumbs that would be delicious and sweet and spicy. But the…

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