Greek Salad (5 of 5)

Greek Salad

I was one of those kids with a messy room – clothes strewn on the floor, books and papers piled up on the desk, stuff everywhere. Things got swallowed up in the mess and resurfaced months after they were no longer needed, often broken or with missing pieces. I existed in that state of disarray…

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Celery Apple and Fennel Salad (2 of 3)

Celery Apple and Fennel Salad

Spring is the hardest thing to wait for. Not that patience in anything is really my strong suit, but I remember waiting out the last few weeks of winter as an excruciting exercise. No matter how much you love snow, and I’m not one who loves it very much at all, by March it’s not…

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Chile Lemon Almonds (6 of 6)

Chile Lemon Almonds

One of the things I love most about San Francisco is the year round farmer’s markets. The city is full of them – big markets open on the weekends but small collections of stalls pop up in different neighborhoods throughout the week. They sell fruits and vegetables but also eggs, juices, and snacks. Some sellers…

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Mustard and Lemon Roasted Chicken (8 of 8)

Mustard and Lemon Roasted Chicken

If you were to take a look around my fridge on any given day you would probably be surprised by the number of condiments that occupy the shelves. There are a few half finished jars of jam, horseradish, chutneys, bits of vinaigrette that haven’t quite been used up yet, and an assortment of odds and…

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Caraway Carrot Salad (9 of 9)

Caraway Carrot Salad

It’s that time of year when my refrigerator bin is constantly full of carrots, but this winter I’m one step ahead. It’s not that I’ve embraced snack times full of carrot sticks – although they are an excellent vehicle for cream cheese when the bagels are stale. Nope, it’s that I’ve teased out what I…

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Tabouli Cauliflower

Is it too soon to talk about cauliflower? New Year’s resolutions often involve healthy eating and fresh starts but it is only January 1. It’s a day for hangovers – both food and alcohol – and resting from the holiday festivities. But if you’re interested in something with less booze and more vitamins then cauliflower…

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Ginger Lemonade

The first time I made homemade lemonade with Jeff he said he once spent a summer making lemonade. He squeezed dozens of lemons from Costco bags, perfecting his recipe and making (and drinking) batches through the hot and sticky weather. Needless to say it was a little intimidating. That afternoon I was just looking to…

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Sugar Cookies

In the category of foods that only get made once a year we’re going to have to include Sugar Cookies. They show up at holiday parties cut into cute shapes and decorated in festive colors and often they are the last cookie to go. Sugar cookies don’t have the same overdose problem as latkes although…

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Whole Lemon Bars

For as much as I talk about Smitten Kitchen recipes around here, it’s a little embarrassing that I’m only now cooking things from her new cookbook. I unwrapped it pretty much the second it arrived in the mail, flipped through all the pretty pictures, but then with my planned Thanksgiving recipe testing and then actual…

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Cocktail Sauce

Most families have their traditions when it comes to holidays and in my family on Thanksgiving that means shrimp cocktail. My parents never celebrated the holiday growing up so when it came time to make a family tradition we decided to just to do the things we like – which is eat. Before the Thanksgiving…

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