Lemon Thyme Cookies (3 of 8)

Lemon Thyme Sugar Cookies

Lately, I spend my Wednesday nights searching for cookie recipes. It’s become something of a ritual. I pull cookbooks off the shelves, pile them up on the table, or around the couch, or on the bed, and then begin flipping. There are a lot of requirements. It has to be different from the ones I…

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Chocolate Sorbet (6 of 9)

Chocolate Sorbet

Sometimes you just need a hug. Last week was pretty much like that except that people I needed to hug all live on the East Coast, near or in the city of Boston. There’s a lot to love about living in San Francisco but when tragic things happen, the distance between the coasts feel even…

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Gravlax (6 of 7)


My favorite apron says “Baking is science for hungry people” (an excellent find from a great webcomic called Questionable Content that sells some products through TopatoCo – not an affiliate link). I get a kick out of it every time I put it on. Sure, I cook and bake because I love eating and I like…

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Ricotta Pancakes

The recipe for these ricotta pancakes comes from an adorable little restaurant called Zazie that’s a few miles from my apartment. But I have to confess, I made the pancakes before I ever went to eat there. I just had half a tub of ricotta and was looking around for a way to use it…

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Coffee Cake Muffins

Weekend mornings around here fall into one of two categories. Either there are more things to do than there is time to get them done or there is nothing that needs doing and hours to spend. I kind of like both options but in the second one at least there is time for muffins. Look…

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Chess Pie

I have a tendency to make unusual word associations, often involving food. Certain words remind me of food and then I have this strange imagery inserted into whatever conversation I’m having. For example, the word “extraordinary” always makes me think of “strawberry.” I’ve found that in conversation, “extraordinary” is often said right before the word…

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My kitchen is not particularly large. This is perhaps not a unique problem for someone who rents an apartment in a city, especially if that city is San Francisco. But it has had a serious impact on my kitchen purchases over the last few years. Alarming quickly our cabinet filled with dishes, pantry goods, odd…

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