Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken (4 of 6)

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

I have two slow cookers. One is a small 70s-esque number with two settings and a low enough “low” setting to cook fruit butter with the lid off. The other is technically my roomate’s, sleek and new, almost twice the size, and has a fancy “warm” function to keep food warm when an eight hour…

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Quiche (10 of 10)


When you’re asked to make brunch for a crowd, obviously what you need is something that looks good but that doesn’t require a lot of work early in the morning. Something golden-brown and easy to adapt that doesn’t chain you to the stove while you make it to order. Something that can be made ahead….

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Soup Au Pistou (7 of 10)

Soup au Pistou

Why is it that baking gets all the credit for making a house feel homey? I know the old idea that you should have something baking in the oven, cookies or fresh bread, to welcome guests to your home. But when did those things win the prize for most comforting? Why can’t it be soup?…

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Turkey Shepherd’s Pie

There comes a time a few days after Thanksgiving where you have to figure out how to repackage your leftovers in a way to make them more appealing. It’s as much a tradition as the Thanksgiving meal itself but one that people don’t talk about nearly as much. Turkey tetrazzini comes to mind as does…

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Phew, friends, we are getting down the wire here. Not the NaBloPoMo thing; so far so good and (knock on wood) the last third of the month should go smoothly. I mean Thanksgiving preparation is in full swing. And that means cleaning out the fridge time. When it comes to cleaning out the fridge, there…

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Scallion Fried Rice

Fried rice belongs in a wonderful category I like to call Refrigerator Glue, my mistaken interpretation of Alton Brown’s term: Refrigerator Velcro. (For years I was convinced his term was actually Refrigerator Glue. By the time I realized my mistake it had been too long and now the term has stuck.) It’s a term for…

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