Mustard and Lemon Roasted Chicken (8 of 8)

Mustard and Lemon Roasted Chicken

If you were to take a look around my fridge on any given day you would probably be surprised by the number of condiments that occupy the shelves. There are a few half finished jars of jam, horseradish, chutneys, bits of vinaigrette that haven’t quite been used up yet, and an assortment of odds and…

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Melted Leeks

It feels a bit like cheating to share this and call this a recipe. But it’s just so good – I can’t not share it and then deprive you of the deliciousness that is melted leeks. Have you ever had melted leeks? Because if not this should immediately go on your to-eat list. And if…

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Broccoli and Gorgonzola Pie

As a former vegetarian, I can tell you that I don’t enjoy vegetables because they’re healthy – I enjoy them because they taste good. Not all vegetables mind you and certainly not all preparations of those vegetables. I find boiled vegetables a total snoozefest and I’m not usually over-excited about steamed ones either. Vegetables can…

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