While we’re on the topic of salad, and non-traditional salads at that, let’s talk about larb. Have you had larb yet? Because, besides the unfortunate-sounding English name, it’s totally worth eating, and then eating again. It’s that kind of good.

Generically East Asian Pork Shoulder

It’s not uncommon that I am inspired by something I eat at a restaurant or café and try to recreate it at home. Sometimes these attempts are spot on and I make a fair to incredibly close approximation of the original. But other times the end result is almost unrecognizable from the initial inspiration and…

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Scallion Fried Rice

Fried rice belongs in a wonderful category I like to call Refrigerator Glue, my mistaken interpretation of Alton Brown’s term: Refrigerator Velcro. (For years I was convinced his term was actually Refrigerator Glue. By the time I realized my mistake it had been too long and now the term has stuck.) It’s a term for…

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