Greek Salad (5 of 5)

Greek Salad

I was one of those kids with a messy room – clothes strewn on the floor, books and papers piled up on the desk, stuff everywhere. Things got swallowed up in the mess and resurfaced months after they were no longer needed, often broken or with missing pieces. I existed in that state of disarray…

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Mediterranean Dip (8 of 10)

Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip

This weekend sort of got away from me. We flew to the East Coast for Jeff’s college reunion which meant a red eye flight; perhaps the most effective way to screw up your sleep cycle. Then we spent the next few days wandering around campus in the rain, spending time with friends, dancing. We celebrated,…

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Mushroom Onion Casserole

I’m not a huge fan of the word ‘casserole.’ It always brings to my mind something a little gloopy that’s made mostly with boxes and cans and almost no fresh ingredients. Those things can be surprisingly delicious (a friend brought an excellent green bean casserole to Thanksgiving last year) but I’m often a little skeeved…

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Winter Panzanella

Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned buying a bunch of beets and having a few leftover? (No? Well I’ll wait right here while you catch up.) I bought them primarily to make a winter version of panzanella, another in my list of fancy sounding dishes that do not actually take much work to put…

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