Pavlova (7 of 9)


Being born in the six weeks between March 15 and April 30 is a serious hazard if you’re Jewish. It means in any given year, your birthday could fall on Passover. It’s the holiday where Jews put away almost everything with grains in it and pull out the matzah, something non-Jews seem to love but…

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Quiche (10 of 10)


When you’re asked to make brunch for a crowd, obviously what you need is something that looks good but that doesn’t require a lot of work early in the morning. Something golden-brown and easy to adapt that doesn’t chain you to the stove while you make it to order. Something that can be made ahead….

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Truffles (8 of 10)

Bourbon Chocolate Truffles

Every year around Valentine’s Day Jeff comes home with a Scotchmallow from the See’s Candy pop-up store that sets up in his office. Despite the fact that we both know it’s not my favorite candy, it’s still the perfect thing every time he brings it out of his bag for me. I mean, the man…

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Mille Crepe (2 of 2)

Mille Crepe

There’s a great diner close to my office where Jeff and I sometimes go for breakfast if we have to drive to work and we can get ourselves out early. It’s standard diner fare for the most part but most egg dishes come with a side of pancakes which is what sets this place apart….

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Let’s say that you are going out of town and need to thank a friend for looking after your cat. Or perhaps you’re visiting people over the holidays and want to have a gift for your hosts. Or it could be that you want a treat for the people who are visiting you. Or maybe…

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Hashed Turnips

Turnips get a pretty bad rap. They aren’t alone in the category of “maligned vegetables;” we can’t forget Brussels sprouts*, spinach, and beets (and probably others). But over the years I have learned to love pretty much every vegetable – except turnips. That’s not to say I’ve ever really disliked turnips. It’s just that between…

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Cranberry Fudge

There’s a small independent candy shop about a 15 minute drive from my parents’ house and that, conveniently, is almost halfway between my house and my best friend’s house. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I have spent a significant amount of time in that candy store or on the way to…

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Celeriac Gratin

Winter can mean a lot of different things – growing up it meant hot chocolate, sledding, and praying for snow days. Now that I live in Northern California it means intermittent rain, citrus, and running around on the beach (I know, it’s weird here). But despite the differences, winter still means root vegetables – roasted,…

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