Roasted Kale and Butternut Salad (5 of 6)

Kale Chip and Butternut Salad

It is super uncool to talk about kale salad right now. It’s so last year, so overdone. And on top of that it’s January and kale salad qualifies as a healthy food which means it’s also cliché to post this here. That’s what we’re dealing with: an uncool cliché. But I’ve already been holding onto…

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Cranberry Shrub (7 of 7)


If you were to call me a cheap date, you would not be the first. I’m generally tipsy after one drink and finished by the end of drink number three. It’s a bit of a hazard when it comes to cocktails since I’m liable to be three sheets to the wind before I even realize…

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Bourbon Cranberry Sauce

There’s a home video of me somewhere in my parent’s house from about age 6 stirring cranberry sauce on the stove for the first time. I am not-so-patiently teaching my parents the tricky technique of dump-and-stir from my teacher’s ‘special’ recipe while they made sure I didn’t burn myself. It was only years later that…

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Cranberry Fudge

There’s a small independent candy shop about a 15 minute drive from my parents’ house and that, conveniently, is almost halfway between my house and my best friend’s house. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I have spent a significant amount of time in that candy store or on the way to…

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