Chocolate Sorbet (6 of 9)

Chocolate Sorbet

Sometimes you just need a hug. Last week was pretty much like that except that people I needed to hug all live on the East Coast, near or in the city of Boston. There’s a lot to love about living in San Francisco but when tragic things happen, the distance between the coasts feel even…

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Truffles (8 of 10)

Bourbon Chocolate Truffles

Every year around Valentine’s Day Jeff comes home with a Scotchmallow from the See’s Candy pop-up store that sets up in his office. Despite the fact that we both know it’s not my favorite candy, it’s still the perfect thing every time he brings it out of his bag for me. I mean, the man…

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Mille Crepe (2 of 2)

Mille Crepe

There’s a great diner close to my office where Jeff and I sometimes go for breakfast if we have to drive to work and we can get ourselves out early. It’s standard diner fare for the most part but most egg dishes come with a side of pancakes which is what sets this place apart….

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Hot Chocolate Mix

Christmas decorations are up, I’ve set up my holiday music station on Spotify: it’s officially the holiday season. It’s not cozy-up-to-the-fire weather in San Francisco but it is at least what you could call chilly, especially in the evenings and that means it’s the perfect time for hot chocolate. Swiss Miss will always have a…

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Red Velvet Cake

Let’s talk about cake. I mean, there’s a lot of pie on this site but there hasn’t been much cake yet. Sure, in a pie v. cake battle, pie would win but I would never kick a slice of cake out of bed. Not even if it was the store-bought kind with overly sweet and…

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Toffee Squares

Jeff’s mom is the kind of person who always has a tin of cookies ready. No matter when you visit there is a batch of toffee squares in the fridge. She makes batches of them to give out during the holidays and most of the Jeff’s friends from high school have fond memories of eating…

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