Peach Barbecue Sauce (4 of 7)

Peach Barbecue Sauce

The text message I got read “Come over for magazine Sunday.” I know what that means. My neighbors will have gathered at their picnic table with some coffee, various snacks, and a stack of magazines. There will be copies of the New Yorker, someone doing a NYTimes crossword, a few random issues of something like…

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Chile Lemon Almonds (6 of 6)

Chile Lemon Almonds

One of the things I love most about San Francisco is the year round farmer’s markets. The city is full of them – big markets open on the weekends but small collections of stalls pop up in different neighborhoods throughout the week. They sell fruits and vegetables but also eggs, juices, and snacks. Some sellers…

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Blue Cheese Dip (4 of 4)

Blue Cheese Dip

Every year when holiday party season is over it feels like the year was defined by a certain dish. There was the year we served pulled pork at a Hanukah party and the year a friend first introduced us to glug. Some of those things become traditional (like the glug) while others get rotated out…

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Cocktail Sauce

Most families have their traditions when it comes to holidays and in my family on Thanksgiving that means shrimp cocktail. My parents never celebrated the holiday growing up so when it came time to make a family tradition we decided to just to do the things we like – which is eat. Before the Thanksgiving…

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Pimento Cheese

Everyone likes chip and dip. Don’t try to argue; it’s pretty much a fact. Even the people who are picky about which dip (‘salsa or guac but no sour cream please’). Even the ones who are germ-phobic and worry about cross-contamination in the dip bowl.* Those people are perhaps less excited about the individual chip…

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