Black and White Cookies (6 of 8)

Black and White Cookies

Since moving to California Jeff and I have made a yearly ritual of going to New York City while we’re home visiting family during the holidays. His parents live a few hours outside NYC and it’s easy to catch the train from there – the morning train filled with commuters and inevitably the last-of-the-night train…

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Gingerbread cake (5 of 6)

Gingerbread Cake

I don’t have a lot of memories of my grandmother. The 18 hour plane ride between her in South Africa and me in Massachusetts (plus the accompanying cost) meant that visits were few and far between. And most of my family memories aren’t of her but of all of us – aunts, uncles, cousins –…

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Tipsy Tart

School auctions were really popular when I was a kid. They used to get parents to donate foods, games, services, whatever and then auction them off to the highest bidder. My mom would always donate the same things which went over pretty well in almost every circumstance – A homemade South African dinner for six….

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