Buffalo Chicken Dip (8 of 8)

Buffalo Chicken Dip

We were supposed to talk about something else today; a follow up with the talk of salad dressing. But things happened, life gets busy, you run out of ingredients. Or, in this case, your team gets into the Super Bowl and then you really need to step up your party offerings.

Lavender Buttermilk Cake

Recipes provide a great jumping off point for innovation. Perhaps the best example of that is what you can do with an ordinary – or not so ordinary – pound cake. At its core there are some basic ingredients but from there you can build on extra flavors. Without the lavender and buttermilk, this is…

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Cranberry Blueberry Cobbler

Alright, I know I boasted about being on top of the month’s posting but we’re cutting it a little close tonight. But it’s still the 21st, everywhere in the U.S. at least, and if you’re still looking for something to get excited about on your Thanksgiving table, this might be it: Cranberry Blueberry Cobbler. There…

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There are two basic types of cornbread: Southern and non-Southern. True Southern cornbread is dense and unsweetened –so I’ve been told – and is made to be eaten ‘with things’ (gravy, honey, take your pick). Non-Southern cornbread is generally sweet and sort of cake-like, meant to be enjoyed on its own. Both have their merits…

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Red Velvet Cake

Let’s talk about cake. I mean, there’s a lot of pie on this site but there hasn’t been much cake yet. Sure, in a pie v. cake battle, pie would win but I would never kick a slice of cake out of bed. Not even if it was the store-bought kind with overly sweet and…

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Chess Pie

I have a tendency to make unusual word associations, often involving food. Certain words remind me of food and then I have this strange imagery inserted into whatever conversation I’m having. For example, the word “extraordinary” always makes me think of “strawberry.” I’ve found that in conversation, “extraordinary” is often said right before the word…

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