Shakshouka (2 of 2)


I don’t know when I first discovered shakshouka but I know when I first fell in love with it. It was in Israel, in Tel Aviv, in a weird ramshakle restaurant that everyone knew about. If you ask someone who has eaten shakshouka in Tel Aviv where they had it, most likely the answer will…

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Mango Brie Panini (1 of 8)

Mango and Brie Paninis

This was a close one. I almost let April pass by without a grilled cheese recipe. For those of you keeping track at home, April is national grilled cheese month and in fact there’s a grilled cheese day somewhere in the 30 days of this month. And, as we’ve established, I get a kick out…

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Parker House Rolls

It’s Memorial Day weekend so we should be talking about how to grill the perfect burger and my favorite potato salad. But all I want to talk about today is rolls. Parker House rolls to be specific. But we don’t have to call them that. Think of them as delightfully buttery brioche-like slider buns that…

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Romesco Sauce

One of the first things people say when coming to my house for the first time is, “wow, you have a lot of cookbooks.” Which is absolutely true. My apartment has two bookcases and three shelves are dedicated to cookbooks. Maybe four of them belong to my roommate. Jeff and I get a lot of…

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