Manhattan (1 of 4)


It’s June. This might not be a surprise to you, after all, June infallibly follows the 31st of May every year, but for me it’s a bit overwhelming. June is always a big month in this house. Jeff’s birthday is in June, my birthday is in June, and that takes care of about two weeks…

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Truffles (8 of 10)

Bourbon Chocolate Truffles

Every year around Valentine’s Day Jeff comes home with a Scotchmallow from the See’s Candy pop-up store that sets up in his office. Despite the fact that we both know it’s not my favorite candy, it’s still the perfect thing every time he brings it out of his bag for me. I mean, the man…

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Bourbon Cranberry Sauce

There’s a home video of me somewhere in my parent’s house from about age 6 stirring cranberry sauce on the stove for the first time. I am not-so-patiently teaching my parents the tricky technique of dump-and-stir from my teacher’s ‘special’ recipe while they made sure I didn’t burn myself. It was only years later that…

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