Steak (10 of 11)

Cooking Steak |How To

When I stopped being a vegetarian I had to learn how to cook steak. I mean, to be honest, I had to learn how to cook just about every cut and kind of meat I’ve made since. My interest in cooking really grew after I stopped eating meat so when I started again, after a…

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While we’re on the topic of salad, and non-traditional salads at that, let’s talk about larb. Have you had larb yet? Because, besides the unfortunate-sounding English name, it’s totally worth eating, and then eating again. It’s that kind of good.

Unstuffed Cabbage (5 of 7)

Unstuffed Cabbage

There is something wonderfully comforting about intricately handmade food. Steaming bowls of hand-formed dumplings, bowls of fat homemade tortellini, lemony-bright hand-stuffed grape leaves. The kind of food you only make on holidays or those special occasions when you can spend a whole day in the kitchen painstakingly rolling every piece. And then all the other…

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Baked Squash and Meat Sauce (8 of 8)

Baked Squash with Meat Sauce (Kaddo Bourani)

The sad truth about a lot of European-style food, which let’s admit is a lot of what Americans eat, is that there isn’t a lot of mixing of sweet and savory. Sure, we’ll go in for the salted caramel desserts but rarely for sugar in the main course. But that’s too bad for us because…

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Slow cooker chile (7 of 7)

Slow Cooker Texas-Style Chili

Let’s just preface this post by saying that I have never been to Texas and most of the Texans I know are vegetarians. There wasn’t anyone around to judge the Texas-ness of this chili, except me of course and well, between growing up in New England and living in California my credentials aren’t great. But…

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Brisket-Style Slow Cooker Beef

If my goal here were to improve my skills at naming dishes this one might be a failure. The only thing brisket-like about this dish is the sauce I put on it and you’d only know that if my mother’s brisket was your benchmark for brisket. But when I was searching for a way to…

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Roast Leg of Lamb (or Beef)

In a lot of ways, I’m still learning how to cook red meat (and I include pork in that category). This is in part because I was a vegetarian until a few years ago, but the real issue is that there are a lot of cuts of meat out there. A lot. Some that only…

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Bolognese Sauce

Pasta Bolognese was one of my dad’s specialties growing up. His style of cooking is definitely less follow-the-recipe and more sure-let’s-add-that-too. He doesn’t often pay attention to what’s going into the pot or how much of it he used, just adding bits of things and tasting until he decides he likes it (or in some…

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