Asparagus Gratinee (4 of 6)

Asparagus Gratinee

Matzah is a well recognized symbol of Passover. That flat oversized cracker that tastes like nothing so much as cardboard. It’s often a little stale, doesn’t digest easily, and in a cruel twist it always seems to appear just as Easter candy hits store shelves. But matzah isn’t the only iconic Passover food. There’s brisket,…

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Asparagus Pesto (7 of 7)

Asparagus Pesto

It’s only the middle of April but we’re deep into asparagus season around here. For the past month, our weekly CSA box has included a bundle of the elusive green stalks. The first week, I roasted it with just oil and salt and the second week I did the same. But I don’t particularly enjoy…

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Pickled Asparagus

It’s getting towards the end of May and that means around here asparagus season is almost over. The stalks that are leftover are a little tougher and a little woodier although still much better than the sad stalks that show up in the major supermarkets in December. Still, I’m kind of glad the season is…

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