Potato Crust Quiche (4 of 8)

Potato Crust Quiche | The Year of Pie

I don’t go in for concrete, goal-oriented, measurable New Year’s resolutions. Each January I designed a new theme for the year – there was the year of getting into better shape, the year of exploring more about Northern California, the year of being better about finances. It spreads the pressure over 12 months instead of…

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Lentil Carrot Salad (4 of 7)

Lentil and Carrot Salad

I do a lot of thinking while I’m running. I wouldn’t call it my best thinking. Most of my thoughts are taken up by “my legs are tired” and “what mile was the turnaround point” and “am I going fast enough.” But I do have a lot of time for thinking. I went for a…

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Eggplant Parmesan (2 of 4)

Eggplant Parmesan for One

I don’t often find myself alone in the house for more than a few hours. I prefer it that way. I like the companionship of having other people around, of being together even if that means sitting quietly on opposite ends of the apartment doing different things. It’s comfortable for a psuedo-introvert like me to…

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Summer Tomato Pie (6 of 10)

Summer Tomato Pie

In the summer of 2009 I treated myself to a subscription to Gourmet magazine. I was one miserable year into law school and all I wanted was to escape. I imagined the collection of Gourmets that I would have one day, stacks of magazines from years of subscriptions that I could pull out and flip…

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Greek Salad (5 of 5)

Greek Salad

I was one of those kids with a messy room – clothes strewn on the floor, books and papers piled up on the desk, stuff everywhere. Things got swallowed up in the mess and resurfaced months after they were no longer needed, often broken or with missing pieces. I existed in that state of disarray…

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Chickpea Salad (8 of 8)

Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

“Does anyone here have any dietary restrictions?” has become a normal question in my life. It comes up almost every time I eat with friends, either at a restaurant or at someone’s house. More often than not there’s at least one person at the table who is vegetarian or vegan. But a few weeks ago…

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Asparagus Gratinee (4 of 6)

Asparagus Gratinee

Matzah is a well recognized symbol of Passover. That flat oversized cracker that tastes like nothing so much as cardboard. It’s often a little stale, doesn’t digest easily, and in a cruel twist it always seems to appear just as Easter candy hits store shelves. But matzah isn’t the only iconic Passover food. There’s brisket,…

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Celery Apple and Fennel Salad (2 of 3)

Celery Apple and Fennel Salad

Spring is the hardest thing to wait for. Not that patience in anything is really my strong suit, but I remember waiting out the last few weeks of winter as an excruciting exercise. No matter how much you love snow, and I’m not one who loves it very much at all, by March it’s not…

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Grain Salad (1 of 4)

Spring Farro Salad

Most of the blogs I read are food blogs or at least touch on food in some way. A lot of them end with a recipe for some dish or other so I can recreate the dish at home. I rarely do it. Often I’ll make a note of an interesting flavor combination and take…

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Tomato Tatin (5 of 6)

Tomato Tarte Tatin

Jeff and I agree on a lot of things food related but the one thing we don’t see eye to eye on is out of season tomatoes. During the nine months of the year when fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes aren’t available without an air shipment he won’t eat them. Picks around them in salads, takes them…

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