Hello family, and friends, and people on the internet I may not have met. I started this blog back in 2012 when I hated my job and was realizing that a career in law was not in fact my best decision ever. And then I kept it going through several other not-very-good jobs where I…

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Happy New Year – Here’s to 2015

It’s been a good year over here, complete with two weddings, lots of noodles and fried chicken, and more adventures than I can count both at home and overseas. There were new friends, and some old friends who moved closer, and lots of new babies. We drank a lot of toasts and shared a lot…

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Dark and Stormy (2 of 4)

Dark and Stormy

Old habits die hard. I still think of Labor Day weekend as the end of summer even though I finished up my schooling several years ago and my vacation isn’t tied to the seasons. Nevermind that San Francisco gets hot in late September and October and that it’s never really beach weather here. That tomatoes…

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Manhattan (1 of 4)


It’s June. This might not be a surprise to you, after all, June infallibly follows the 31st of May every year, but for me it’s a bit overwhelming. June is always a big month in this house. Jeff’s birthday is in June, my birthday is in June, and that takes care of about two weeks…

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Mediterranean Dip (8 of 10)

Mediterranean Seven Layer Dip

This weekend sort of got away from me. We flew to the East Coast for Jeff’s college reunion which meant a red eye flight; perhaps the most effective way to screw up your sleep cycle. Then we spent the next few days wandering around campus in the rain, spending time with friends, dancing. We celebrated,…

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Broiled Radishes (4 of 6)

Broiled Radishes

I’m not generally one to encourage more work when less will do. If a recipe can be simplified – fewer ingredients, one less bowl, cutting out steps – I’m for it, and have usually already done it. That also means not cooking things if they are just as enjoyable freshly washed and eaten raw. But…

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Chile Lemon Almonds (6 of 6)

Chile Lemon Almonds

One of the things I love most about San Francisco is the year round farmer’s markets. The city is full of them – big markets open on the weekends but small collections of stalls pop up in different neighborhoods throughout the week. They sell fruits and vegetables but also eggs, juices, and snacks. Some sellers…

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Cranberry Shrub (7 of 7)


If you were to call me a cheap date, you would not be the first. I’m generally tipsy after one drink and finished by the end of drink number three. It’s a bit of a hazard when it comes to cocktails since I’m liable to be three sheets to the wind before I even realize…

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Pimm's Cup (7 of 8)

Pimm’s Cup

Spring was cause for celebration when I lived in the Northeast. When little green stems would start to poke out of the ground, my mom would drag me outside so we could ooh and ahhh over them. On the first sort-of-maybe-warm day I would throw on a skirt or a t-shirt – and then promptly…

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Bloody Mary (6 of 6)

Bloody Mary

In Massachusetts, it’s against the law to order alcohol on Sundays before noon. That was good news for 8-year-old me when my family went out to breakfast since it meant my mom would have to order a virgin Bloody Mary. Sometimes we would be late enough that she could wait until halfway through breakfast for…

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