No-lobster Rolls -

Not-Lobster Rolls

Just over a year ago, Jeff and I spent a week in Maine. It was the week after our wedding, and the trip was to rest, to recuperate, and to eat all of the lobster we’d been missing out on after years of living on the West Coast. We did a pretty admirable job. There…

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Veggie Dogs - (5 of 5)

How to Throw a Hot Dog Party (and Make Veggie Hot Dogs)

Sometime last year I stumbled across a list of hot dog toppings that are popular in various parts of the world and got the idea to throw a hot dog party. I envisioned a pile of hot dogs and buns, a grill, a park, and a table full of toppings options and I planned it…

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Spicy Cabbage Pitas

A few months ago my brother-in-law visited and I made dinner for him. I don’t remember exactly what I made, but I do remember he was impressed that I’d made a meal with multiple parts on a weeknight. The meals he makes at home for his family, he noted, are generally one-pan affairs. I kind…

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The Basic Burger (4 of 6)

The Basic Burger

My parents used to have a burger shaping device that we used to make our own patties in the summer. It was a patty-sized cylindrical mold with a flat lid used to press a handful of seasoned ground beef so that it’s perfectly even and flat; so it comes out looking like one of the…

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Chickpea Salad (8 of 8)

Chickpea “Tuna” Salad

“Does anyone here have any dietary restrictions?” has become a normal question in my life. It comes up almost every time I eat with friends, either at a restaurant or at someone’s house. More often than not there’s at least one person at the table who is vegetarian or vegan. But a few weeks ago…

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Mango Brie Panini (1 of 8)

Mango and Brie Paninis

This was a close one. I almost let April pass by without a grilled cheese recipe. For those of you keeping track at home, April is national grilled cheese month and in fact there’s a grilled cheese day somewhere in the 30 days of this month. And, as we’ve established, I get a kick out…

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Thanksgiving Leftovers Sandwich

The Thanksgiving meal may be over but arguably the most important Thanksgiving dish is only getting started – the turkey-and-leftovers-sandwich. It’s as much a part of the holiday as the meal itself and come the next morning it’s what most people are looking for when it’s time to make lunch, or even midnight snack. There’s…

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Avocado Chicken Salad

True story: On nights when we’re having roast chicken for dinner I’ll skip a second piece of meat in favor of some extra vegetables. It’s not about trying to be healthy (although it’s a side benefit) but I know that the pieces I don’t eat can be chicken salad. And I love chicken salad. In…

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