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Ratatouille Pie | The Year of Pie

We went and visited summer over the Fourth of July. It was deliciously hot. Shorts weather, ice cream weather,  lake weather. And then we came back to San Francisco’s perpetual April and while I enjoyed the cool nights, I missed summer. It made me think of all the things to love about the hot weather. Things…

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Grilled Salmon Packets - impromptukitchen.com (5 of 7)

Grilled Salmon Packets

Last week was a long week. Not a bad week, but a long one. The kind of week where at the end you’re completely wiped out, can’t do anything. You want to spend Saturday all you want to do is spend the day in your pajamas, with a stack of pancakes, some magazines, and a…

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Greek Shrimp Farro Bowl

In the summer time, when the weather would get too hot, sometimes my mom and I would blow off everything and head to the beach for the day. We’d stop on the way at a sub shop to grab lunch. Sometimes we’d grab sandwiches at a local chain in town before getting on the highway, sometimes…

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Chicken and Biscuits Pie -- impromptukitchen.com-5

Chicken and Biscuits Pie | The Year of Pie

When I originally came up with the Year of Pie, making a chicken pot pie was an obvious choice. Except for one serious issue: I’ve already written about a few chicken pies. It’s not that uncommon that I have a general idea without a recipe attached. I took a look at some cookbooks, did a search…

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Tortilla Pizza

If you open any freezer in America, chances are good that you will find a frozen pizza. Or maybe that was just a 90s thing. The one you would find in my parents’ freezer circa 1996-2004 was Celeste. It’s a single-serving bar style pizza with a crust that’s not thick or thin, and the cheese goes out…

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Bahn Mi Nachos (5 of 6)

Bahn Mi Nachos

The Superbowl is one of the best food holidays. In the same way that on Halloween girls can wear basically nothing and call it a “costume”, on Superbowl Sunday you can make something obscenely unhealthy and call it a “snack.” And then you can spend the rest of the afternoon eating a dinner-sized portion of…

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Potato Crust Quiche (4 of 8)

Potato Crust Quiche | The Year of Pie

I don’t go in for concrete, goal-oriented, measurable New Year’s resolutions. Each January I designed a new theme for the year – there was the year of getting into better shape, the year of exploring more about Northern California, the year of being better about finances. It spreads the pressure over 12 months instead of…

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Summer Tomato Pie (6 of 10)

Summer Tomato Pie

In the summer of 2009 I treated myself to a subscription to Gourmet magazine. I was one miserable year into law school and all I wanted was to escape. I imagined the collection of Gourmets that I would have one day, stacks of magazines from years of subscriptions that I could pull out and flip…

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Coconut Curry Noodles (4 of 4)

One Pot Coconut Curry Noodles

Every once in a while the Internet collectively goes crazy for a recipe. Have you noticed this too? The same recipe pops up all over the place and everyone’s talking about it or trying it excitedly. Almost invariably it’s something simple with big results. A few years ago it was the New York Times chocolate…

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Tomato Tatin (5 of 6)

Tomato Tarte Tatin

Jeff and I agree on a lot of things food related but the one thing we don’t see eye to eye on is out of season tomatoes. During the nine months of the year when fresh, sun-ripened tomatoes aren’t available without an air shipment he won’t eat them. Picks around them in salads, takes them…

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