Corn and Tomato Caprese -

Corn and Tomato Caprese

It seems that I can’t get through a summer without some kind of corn and tomato combination. This one wasn’t even on my rader. I’d been mulling over the idea of some kind of stone variation on caprese, maybe with peaches, maybe not. I’d gone so far as to buy a tub of fresh mozzarella…

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Gyro Skewers -

Gyro Skewers

When I was a kid, it was called schwarma because it came mostly from Middle Eastern restaurants. And then when I spent a college semester in Australia it was called doner kebab, the Turkish name. And now in San Francisco they’re mostly called gyros, even if the place where you get it isn’t Greek. For…

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Fish Tacos --

Fish Tacos

At some point in the last few weeks I came across a listicle equating states with the foods they are best known for, or something like that. California’s chosen food was the fish taco. Now, I’ll agree that California makes excellent tacos and we have a lot of them. And I’m sure that Los Angeles…

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Chana Masala

Indian food is a pretty common option when you’re a vegetarian. I ate a lot of it during high school and college, when I wasn’t eating meat. There was the buffet near my hometown, located in a strip mall off the highway, where I spent a number of weekend lunches because it was had some…

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Meatloaf Turnovers (6 of 6)

Meatloaf Turnovers

I’ve made Jeff a few promises since starting this blog, about things I’d cook at some point. This is the first one I’ve kept (sorry Jeff!). We were wandering around Green Apple Books, and I was oohing and ahhing over the Pie and Pastry Bible. We debated about whether to buy it, if the recipes…

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Yogurt Chicken (4 of 6)

Yogurt Grilled Chicken

The first thing I made when I got back from the weddings was this chicken. I planned it out on the flight home from Boston, right down to the shopping list. It was the first food I’d made in weeks that wasn’t a sandwich or a plate of leftovers. It was the first plated meal…

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Chutney Chicken

My dad recently unearthed a recipe from his childhood – for chutney. It’s an industrial recipe for a brand called Mrs. Balls, one that both my parents remember having when they were growing up. There are a lot of things that get left behind when you move and this brand was one of them. My…

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Celeriac Latkes (3 of 6)

Root Vegetable Latkes

It feel likes we got cheated out of Hanukah this year. It happened so early and then by early December it was gone. There was Thanksgivukkah with its one batch of latkes (and it’s once-in-a-lifetime excitement). And then there were a few days of recuperating from The Biggest Cooking Day of the Year. And then…

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Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken (4 of 6)

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

I have two slow cookers. One is a small 70s-esque number with two settings and a low enough “low” setting to cook fruit butter with the lid off. The other is technically my roomate’s, sleek and new, almost twice the size, and has a fancy “warm” function to keep food warm when an eight hour…

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Hey there, it’s been a while Summer is the hardest time for blogging, at least for me. Maybe it’s because there’s a lot going on between June and August – more midweek Frisbee games, more barbecues/weddings/events in general, more impromptu hanging out on a sunny day. Maybe it’s also because in the summer I’m lazy…

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