Adding Salt | Kitchen Tips

Tip #3: Salt your food during cooking I keep my container of kosher salt next to the stove so that it’s easy to sprinkle some on while I’m cooking. In fact, one of the first questions Jeff or I will ask when we wander into the kitchen while the other is cooking is “Have you salted that?”…

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knife cuts 1 of 1

Knife Cuts | Kitchen Tips

Tip #2: Know your knife cuts Most of what I know about knife work comes directly from Food Network circa 2007. That summer I had a fellowship grant from my university, and rather than use the funds to pursue my self-directed research full time, I spent at least half of every week either watching Food…

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Soft-Boiled Eggs (5 of 5)

Perfect Soft-Boiled Eggs | How To

Chefs say that cooking eggs is a good judge of technical skill in the kitchen. Have you noticed this? In every chef interview that I read (which is a lot of them) if the subject turns to judging cooking skills, the benchmark is almost always eggs. And while I wonder sometimes whether in practice eggs…

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Packed Lunches (5 of 5)

Packing a Lunch | How To

Starting in elementary school I got the choice to spend my lunch money to buy lunch at school or to save my pennies and pack my own lunch instead. I chose packed lunch, made with a lot of parental assistance. By high school I had full creative control. Bag after bag after bag of Cheez-its…

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Steak (10 of 11)

Cooking Steak |How To

When I stopped being a vegetarian I had to learn how to cook steak. I mean, to be honest, I had to learn how to cook just about every cut and kind of meat I’ve made since. My interest in cooking really grew after I stopped eating meat so when I started again, after a…

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Caramelized Onions | How To

When it comes to time-consuming dishes, caramelized onions are pretty high up there on the list. Not only do they take a long time, they require a lot of attention while you do it. A batch for French onion soup can take several hours and that’s just the beginning of the dish. There’s nothing to…

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Chicken Stock | How To

Chicken stock is one of those things that it seems TV chefs are constantly telling people to make at home but that most people just buy. They say we should make chicken stock because it’s healthier, because we can control what goes into it and decrease the sodium content, but they are also saying involves…

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Brown Rice | How To

Ahhh, brown rice. Brown rice is one of those foods that gets a bad rap for being “healthy.” I don’t mean healthy in that whole grains are good for you or that it has a lot of fiber as well as important vitamins minerals that are often stripped from white rice. No, I mean it…

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Supremeing Citrus | How To

Mandarin orange slices are one of the things I remember distinctly as a food I ate as a kid and which I have almost zero interest in buying now. I don’t think my mom bought them often, but every once in a while they would show up in the pantry in their little individual cups…

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