Cheddar Apple Pie -

Cheddar Apple Pie | The Year of Pie

The one constant of the last few weeks has been change. Changing schedules, changing jobs, changing seasons. Billboards are going up touting the Pumpkin Spice Latte, the Internet is full of ways to enjoy crisp weather, but San Francisco hasn’t decided yet what season it should be. We had an intense heat wave, when I…

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Pistachio Raspberry Rosewater Cake -

Pistachio Raspberry Rosewater Cake

This last ten days has been a rollercoaster ride. After the excitement of the new job we got news last week that Jeff’s uncle had packed away. Plans for quiet weekend were scrapped as we bought last minute tickets to Chicago, notified work that we’d but out, and packed for our flight. Seeing family was…

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Elvis Pie -

Elvis Pie | The Year of Pie

When you are in your late 20s, and married, and you tell people “I have some exciting news”, the first thing they’re going to think is that you’re pregnant. Just in case, you know, you find yourself in a situation where you have exciting news, other than having a baby, and you need a way…

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Strawberry Pie -

Strawberry Pie | The Year of Pie

We’re spoiled out here with the first crop of strawberries arriving around late April. I always reserve the first few weeks for just eating them straight out of the carton but that means by May I’m starting to think about what else I can do with them. And since last month we gave rhubarb its…

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Rhubarb Custard Pie --

Rhubard Custard Pie | The Year of Pie

If you were not really into Little House on the Prairie books when you were little, then you might not remember that in the seventh book in the series (you know, Little Town on the Prairie) where Laura makes a pie out of pie plant. She forgets to add sugar, serves it, and only realizes her mistake when…

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Blueberry Almond Tart (6 of 6)

Almond-Crusted Fruit Tart | The Year of Pie

The town over from where I grew up had a bakery that made a particular fruit tart. You know that kind I mean. The picture-perfect, glossy fruit tart with a thick and sweet pastry cream under the fruit. It made a regular version during the year, but on Passover it made a kosher-for-Passover version that…

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Winter Fruit Salad (8 of 10)

Winter Fruit Salad

I’m not a particularly exciting person. I like to be in bed around 9:30 most nights, cuddled up with a book. If the clock strikes 11 pm and I’m still up on a work night, it’s not a happy day. Which means I’m not a big fan of weeknight dinner parties. People inevitably want to…

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Lemon Cream Tart (5 of 5)

Lemon Cream Pie | The Year of Pie

If there’s a lemon dessert on a restaurant menu, I’m probably going to order it. This is probably not surprising, given the plethora of lemon desserts that already exist in this space, but given the upcoming all-things-chocolate holiday, it bears repeating. I like chocolate as much as the next… well, probably not as much as…

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Buckwheat Cookies (4 of 6)

Buckwheat Butter Cookies

Is it too late to call these Christmas cookies? Now that the holiday is upon us, and the stores are probably closed, and anyway, these aren’t terribly Christmassy cookies to begin with. They aren’t chocolatey or pepperminty or cut into thematic shapes and decorated with royal icing. But despite their relatively unassumingness, these are my…

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Cherry Pie (1 of 4)

Cherry Pie

The only part of my wedding I ever planned beforehand was the dessert. When we got engaged last year I didn’t have a lot of ideas of what the wedding would be like. I didn’t have dreams of what it would look like or what I would wear. The only thing I knew I wanted…

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