Pineapple Salsa -

Pineapple Salsa

When we went on vacation to Hawaii last month my goal was to eat as much pineapple as possible, and I worked hard to achieve that goal. I had pineapple cocktails (including one served in a hollowed out pineapple) and tried pineapple snacks everywhere we went. There was pineapple for breakfast, and for snacks, and…

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Thai Salad Dressing -

Thai Salad Dressing

I try to clean out my fridge at least once a month, to sort out what’s still edible and unearth the things that got shoved in the back. And every time I go through this process, whether it’s been two weeks or two months since I last took an inventory, there is inevitably a jar…

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Pesto (3 of 5)

Pesto Proportions

I have a really hard time following recipes. Not that the recipes turn out wrong, but that I am almost incapable of following all the steps as written to get to the end result. I skim through the list of ingredients, making mental notes about substitutions for the things I don’t have or don’t want…

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Avocado Lime Sauce (4 of 5)

Avocado Lime Dressing

There are usually a couple of avocados sitting around my kitchen, getting ripe on the counter or tucked into the fridge for eating now. They’re a staple. When did that happen? Do you ever wonder about how much food has changed in the last few decades? It’s my own special brand of reminiscing about the…

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Pickled Red Onion (4 of 5)

Pickled Red Onions

Sometimes I forgot that the steps in most recipes are suggestions rather than rules. The recipe seems so authoritative that I ignore all the ways the dish could more flavorful, or steps that can be abbreviated. I don’t question the necessity of steps or ingredients that don’t enough to justify the added difficulty. I forget…

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BBQ Spice Mix (2 of 4)

Barbecue Spice Mix

We did it. After 13 months of planning, we got married! Two coasts. Two weddings. When it comes to wedding advice the most common that I came across was “it goes by so fast.” And it does, whether you get married once or twice. Somehow I thought the second wedding would feel a bit slower,…

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Peach Barbecue Sauce (4 of 7)

Peach Barbecue Sauce

The text message I got read “Come over for magazine Sunday.” I know what that means. My neighbors will have gathered at their picnic table with some coffee, various snacks, and a stack of magazines. There will be copies of the New Yorker, someone doing a NYTimes crossword, a few random issues of something like…

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Honey Mustard Sauce (5 of 6)

Honey Mustard Sauce

The small town I grew up in had a few townie restaurants – one a breakfast and lunch joint and one a pizza place. The pizza place was where sports teams had team dinners, where there were birthday parties, pretty much any low key celebration could be done at this place. And this place was…

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Tomatillo Salsa (9 of 10)

Tomatillo Salsa

Around here, there are more taquerias than you can shake a stick at. You can walk almost any direction from my front door and hit at least one within 10 minutes, either a traditional brick and mortar or one of the many taco trucks that set up shop in the neighborhood. People choose favorites based…

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Potato Wedges and Sweet Chili Sauce (8 of 9)

Potato Wedges and Sweet Chili Sauce

I was a pescetarian while studying abroad in Australia, which was a tricky business. Living on a small campus, and in an area that was largely suburban, there weren’t a lot of non-meat options and the most popular dishes were burgers, steak sandwiches, and meat pies. It wasn’t exactly vegetarian friendly and I ended up…

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