Hello family, and friends, and people on the internet I may not have met.

I started this blog back in 2012 when I hated my job and was realizing that a career in law was not in fact my best decision ever. And then I kept it going through several other not-very-good jobs where I desperately needed a creative outlet. I enjoyed (almost) every minute of blogging. And then I got a better job, one I like quite a lot, and suddenly this was not the creative outlet that I was looking for. It’s been just over two years since I’ve put anything new up on this blog, and my interest in it has never really come back. So in February 2018 I’m going to be shutting it down. It costs money to run a website – hosting, domain registration – and at this point I’ve squandered over $200 keeping it going.

If you keep coming back to this space for a recipe that you loved, take it, it’s yours. I hope you continue to enjoy it for a long time. And I hope that when you no longer enjoy them, you can happily let them go and move on to something new. There are just too many wonderful things out there you could be doing for you to waste your time stuck nursing the things you used to like.

Thanks for sharing your time with me all these years.

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